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Mobile advertising

Applying signs to vehicles is an incredibly useful way to advertise. Whether it be a car, truck, or even a boat, bringing your brand on the road is an easy way to be seen and get people to easily see your brand. Even when your vehicle is off the road, it will still be able […]

Food, glorious food

The world of food is inarguably fantastic. Treating yourself to exotic foods, comfort foods and heaping mounds of dessert is as good as it gets. The problem often is that some food establishments make it harder to sell you food than it should be. And that’s not fair. Especially to the food. Paper menus might […]

The 4 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Retail Sign

When writing, designing and producing signage, there are four important things you must first consider… Specificity One of the most important things your consumers — or audience — wants is specificity. There are so many people in the business of selling that, to make your product or service stand out amongst the generality of other […]

How EOFY Advertising Can Help Your Business

The end of the financial year is a great opportunity to get your business out there! Here are a few reasons why and some ideas to help you make the most of this time of year! Consumers Are Ready to Spend Buyers are susceptible to EOFY advertising as spending around June 30 is a mutually […]

Sign Psychology

Part 1: Quality Signs are often the first thing that prospective customers will recognise when walking by a business, so owners (or anyone who uses signs to attract customers or clients) should recognise that signage is instrumental in attracting customers and clients. Before they eat your food, or before they buy your clothing, they will […]

A Perfect Façade

The internationally renowned Abteiberg Museum in Mönchengladbach had to temporarily move into the vacant town theatre, which literally received a facelift for the occasion. Digitally printed fabric was stretched onto frame constructions to create the perfect illusion of an aggregate concrete facade.


…don’t get along. But the right protection – combined with the right certification – can help prevent disaster. A phoenix goes up in flames and perishes, only to rise again from the ashes. However, this mythological symbolism is far removed from reality: firstly, birds and object – fortunately – don’t just go up in flames […]

3D Wall Panels

Stick On Signs have renovated their Caulfield office with slick looking 3D wall panels. They are made up of honeycomb wall panels, with a vinyl finish. We even have matching green furniture to stay true to the brand.

G-Floor Graphic

G-Floor Graphic is a one of a kind, grand format print media suitable for a wide range of applications. It is designed for second surface printing with both UV and solvent inks. Extruded as a clear, flexible pure PVC product, it provides the ultimate in image protection. Not only is it the thickest wear layer […]