How EOFY Advertising Can Help Your Business

The end of the financial year is a great opportunity to get your business out there! Here are a few reasons why and some ideas to help you make the most of this time of year!

Consumers Are Ready to Spend

Buyers are susceptible to EOFY advertising as spending around June 30 is a mutually beneficial transaction. It’s a great occasion for shop owners to get rid of surplus stock but also has the benefit of being a good time for buyers to make purchases in order to take advantage of EOFY tax breaks.

You Can Capitalise on the Compulsive Vibe

Setting up a temporary pop-up shop in the lead up to the new financial year is a great idea to make the most of the willingness of consumers to interact and spend during June. By making your brand, product or service more readily available to customers, you make the most of the spending atmosphere.

Willing and Accepting Ambiance Environment

EOFY is a great time to get your product seen and even tried! Free samples are a great advertising option on this occasion as buyers are more open to being approached and, as such, are more willing to accept the advice and offers of salespeople.

You Don’t Even Need to Put Your Products or Services on Sale!

The EOFY buzz is enough in itself to attract new customers to your store. The urgency and excitement that comes with the time of year and the added positive vibes that enter the retail atmosphere with the introduction of new sales and discounts are not to be shrugged at. No matter whether your products are on sale or not, the EOFY is a great pretext to promote your goods and services. You can make the most of this by adding to the hype with instore EOFY signage. As mentioned, shoppers are more susceptible to advertising messages when they are ready to spend their money so it is much easier to get them into your store!

Cost-Effective Sales and Promotions

Jumping on the EOFY celebration train has never been easier than with Stick On Signs. Make sure your customers know you are on board with the energy and excitement of the occasion with any of our temporary signage solutions. Add to your current window display with signs, banners and EOFY branding to get passers-by into your store. You can even pair your EOFY signage with a fancy new look or temporary theme for your website!