Mobile advertising

Applying signs to vehicles is an incredibly useful way to advertise. Whether it be a car, truck, or even a boat, bringing your brand on the road is an easy way to be seen and get people to easily see your brand.

Even when your vehicle is off the road, it will still be able to advertise. Your car will be helping you out 24 hours a day, rain or shine.

Saving you money by keeping your billboard on the move

Billboards are expensive. There’s no doubt about it. Although many individuals would enjoy having their business emblazoned on a billboard towering over a highly-trafficked area in the CBD, the costs would simply be too prohibitive.

Vehicle signage, on the other hand, is an easy and affordable way to get seen wherever you go. By displaying a clever logo and prominent contact information, you’ll be able to attract attention very quickly and easily.

There’s no reason to cover your whole vehicle in signage if you don’t want to – approaches to vehicle signage can be as personal and specific as a business owner desires. It is not necessary for a boutique caterer to have their kitchen business displayed in thick comic sans signage on their European van, as a child day-care wouldn’t want their business to appear in delicate italics.

Be seen around town

This is particularly effective if you own a fleet of vehicles. If you utilise car signage for your fleet, your business no doubt be spotted by a huge number of people in an afternoon.

As a delicious example, Big Steve might send out his fleet of pizza-themed cars out to deliver his delicious pizza all night long on a Friday night. By the end of the night, hundreds of people will have spotted Big Steve’s pizza cars cruising around town. They might explore the internet and see that Big Steve makes a mean pizza. The next week, experiencing intense pizza cravings, they order pizza from Big Steve. The pizza is delivered to them with one of Big Steve’s pizza cars, and the advertising cycle continues (making Big Steve very happy).

Get in touch to get seen

If you want your brand to be seen by drivers, sea captains or even pilots (who said you can’t apply signs to airplanes?) make sure to see the sign experts at Stick On Signs. We know the best ways to display your brand on your car, and can tailor the sign to suit your personal taste and advertising needs.