Appropriate signage when starting a business is crucial, so your customers know what your brand entails and where different sections of products and services exist in your store. More so, properly placed point-of-sale signs are essential to finalising sales in your business. Frustrating customers by making point-of-sale hard to find can lead to a loss of potential sales.

With more than four decades of experience, Stick On Signs offers clients custom-made signage as per their needs and requirements at affordable prices. Our expert sign writers are able to create signs of any design and style, ranging from working on start-up shop fronts installation to large-scale commercial sign projects.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Point-of-Sale Sign?

The primary usage of a point-of-sale sign is to direct customers where to pay for their desired products. However, suppose the signage is used efficiently. In that case, it can also be employed as an advertisement, such as promoting any sales or offers that might be going on or featuring the release of any new product(s). Some other advantages of a point-of-sale sign are:

  • Upselling: By strategically locating your products near the point-of-sale sign, you increase the chances of customers picking an item or two while waiting in line to pay for their selected products. We ensure that the custom signage we provide our clients effectively engages their customers as much as possible.
  • Expanding brand presence: A practical and noticeable point of sale sign can create a smoother customer experience and build your audience’s trust. Moreover, depending on the placement of your point-of-sale sign, i.e., near the entrance or exit, it can increase brand visibility and generate more foot traffic.
  • Cost-Effective: An eye-catching point of sale sign that is more than just the checkout point for customers can ultimately be a very cost-effective option for your business to invest in.

How Do I Know What Point-of-Sale Sign is Effective?

It can be challenging to figure out how you want your point-of-sale sign to be designed and how it might best work for your business. At Stick On Signs, our team of experts include retail specialists who can provide advise in the designing process of your custom signage. Moreover, they can also advise on the potential placement of the point-of-sale sign in your store to maximise your sales and keep them on an upward scale.

Get Started with Stick On Signs for Your Point-of-Sale Sign

At Stick On Signs, we ensure to deliver top quality custom-made signs and have a quick turnaround time so you can receive your signage as timely as possible. Moreover, we offer a free design service for you to utilise to get a better idea on what design you’d want for your signage. So, start your business on the right foot by getting the perfect custom signage designed for your store. Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives by sending in an enquiry or get in touch with us at +61 3 9519 7444!