G-Floor Graphic

G-Floor Graphic is a one of a kind, grand format print media suitable for a wide range of applications. It is designed for second surface printing with both UV and solvent inks. Extruded as a clear, flexible pure PVC product, it provides the ultimate in image protection. Not only is it the thickest wear layer in the industry, but also the widest. Manufactured in widths up to 10 feet and in both flexible 75 mil and semi-rigid 95 mil thicknesses, G-Floor Graphic offers endless application opportunities.

With G-Floor Graphic, you are no longer creating floor graphics, but Graphic Floors. Previous products were only images printed on the top of the material allowing for very limited applications. With the addition of laminates, durability was slightly improved but there were no long-term solutions available. G-Floor Graphic easily handles both heavy foot and vehicle traffic. It allows you to print directly to the product, mirroring the image for second surface viewing.  This application process allows for greater durability and versatility than traditional vinyl floor graphics.

The Grand Format printer now has the unlimited opportunity of an expanded new market place. Whether Flatbed, Hybrid or Roll to Roll, G-Floor Graphic now gives the printer an exclusive media with unlimited marketing potential.  Realize your market application, build your product and enjoy the new found revenue G-Floor brings to the table. You made the investment in a premium output device, now capitalize on its true earning potential.

• 6 Surface patterns
• 5’and 10’ widths
• Horizontal and vertical applications
• No adhesives necessary
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Water and fluid resistant
• Slip and tear resistant
• 5-year outdoor durability
• Recyclable