Placing Your Signs

Strategic placement of signage can prove to be a thorny issue for businesses – despite designing and eventually spending money on a sign, many don’t actually consider the impact positioning the sign might have on both their customers and passers-by. Even if a space for the sign has been chosen, improper thought is considered for where the sign could be even more effective.

An effectively placed sign should be immediately noticeable, clear and interesting to look at, however achieving this is no easy feat. There are several things to consider when placing your sign to ensure that maximum success is had with consumers – in this blog, we cover two of the most important factors to consider.

Sign elevation

Although it may be stating the obvious, sign size should always be relative to the height at which the sign is placed. For instance, a small sign if placed high up would be visible, but the text itself may not be legible for passers-by. As such, it is recommended that these signs are instead placed at eye level if possible. Large signs are highly effective when placed at a higher level, as this allows for many people to witness it at once, which in turns allows for the biggest customer contact at any one time.

A great example is a roadside business – a sign that is placed high gives a driver ample opportunity to see it long before they can even see the business itself. If this sign is placed too low, drivers aren’t given fair warning and might just keep on driving.

Consider your environment

Although you might have chosen the perfect elevation to suit your sign, if the sign is to be placed outside, there are environmental factors to consider. Elemental interference such as rain and intense sun can work to fade away your sign in time, which can result in a highly unprofessional looking sign (even if the original looked great!) – to combat this, it’s important to choose a sign that can withstand fading. Similarly, choosing the wrong material is a terrible idea. Although a paper sign might be cheap, if it inevitably gets destroyed by rain it’s hardly a good investment!

It’s also a great idea to avoid a glossy sign if your sign will be in a position where it may catch sun, as the reflection may make it problematic to read.

Find out more about sign placement

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