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Floor Graphics & Signs

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Floor graphics are small or large printings that are usually installed on the floors of businesses or sports venues. They are considered to be high-impact visual displays and can be surprising or impressive, but either way, they are interesting and grab the attention of visitors. Floor graphics are a great way to advertise or decorate for a special event.

They can also be used as wayfinding signs to help visitors navigate through your building or direct visitor traffic. Floor graphics are also widely used in warehouses to help with directing the transportation of materials and supplies.

We use high-quality materials. That is why the adhesives we use will keep the graphic firmly on the floor but will not damage the floor surface when the graphic is removed.

The high-quality materials that we use allow for easy and safe cleaning of the floor decals. We print high quality internal & external custom designed floor graphics.

Our durable, non-slip, full-colour floor graphics are the perfect media to get your customers attention. Floor graphics are a low-cost signage solution for retailers and premises owners to direct and inform and visitor traffic.