Specials / Phototex Adhesive Fabric


On special now: $540.00

PhotoTex ™  is the original, re-positional peel & stick polyester fabric material where over 150,000 of its rolls have been sold. Photo Tex can be easily installed on virtually any reasonable surface, and can withstand different climate controls. You can bleed to the edges and not worry about curl.  Photo Tex does not peel, rip, or wrinkle indoors or outdoors. Photo Tex can be moved and re-applied over and over again. Photo Tex is the ONLY adhesive that does not weaken or strengthen over time and sticks to all Low and NO VOC paints. The material now holds  3- US patents and is green, nontoxic, and safe.  Stick for a day – Stick for a decade – still removes with no issues.  Nobody in the world, to our knowledge, offers all the versions, or stocks all the different sizes, of self-adhesive polyester fabric of Phototex as Stick Signs Signs.